Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What stands out about college?

The biggest part of the transition into college is the food. I miss my momma's food so much... Presidential's cafeteria food is freaking horrible; if it was a word to describe it the closet word would be atrocious. Nevertheless, they keep trying but the food just get worst. I want to give them credit for effort but my bodies telling me no... but my mind is telling me yes.... lol. I have a little compassion bout their effort but the food still stink and it ain't good enough; so they receive an PH(F)! lol.
Excuse me if forgot to mention that Presidential is a cafeteria on the campus of The University of Tennessee. Truly all together it is not the typical thoughts that stand out the most about being in college. For instance, the subjects of making classes, learning the campus, and the actual work is not the big wager. The whole first week of college all I could think of was my stomach; it was confused from the switch to fast food daily from my regular home cooked meal. I couldn't tell whether I was super hungry or really starving. Matter of fact, for some time I thought I had a worm because I could eat a whole large pizza by myself and still feel like I had ate nothing all day.

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  1. I can tell you that I definitely laughed a lot while reading your posts. I also agree that these are not the average thoughts of a beginning college student. Well, maybe it is. It is true that adjusting to the food on campus can also be tough. Sometimes the choices are not that healthy and then the ones that are, are not always the most appetizing! I commend you for trying to at least stick it out. But remember to try your best to stay healthy. That will be an important part of you being successful in college as well.

    Ms. Chutney :-)

    P.S. The R. Kelly reference was hilarious, by the way.