Wednesday, June 23, 2010

UT Lead's experiences & How what they have taught me this summer.

This summer being in UT Lead has given me a strong sense of what to expect in the fall. No matter if it pertains to school work, my teachers, the campus, or just how to carry yourself among your other classmates. UT Lead has given me the actual college experience to reference to in the fall. Everyone talks so much about what to do in the fall and how to do it but the most thankful thing is that UT Lead actually let me walk through first. I believe that this summers experience has taken half of my nerves away, so in the fall all I 'll really have nerves for is the campus in general. I no longer fear how hard the classes will be, how strict my teachers are going to be, and etc... The program really made it to wear if I do not make it in college it is solely my fault if I do not make it through college. The programs that I'v learned about while being here will further help me in all my future experiences from tutoring to meeting more financial needs.. .. . . .

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